30 Sep

Hello All,

     Last night I made No bake Cookies for my family

which is full of chocolate and peanut butter.  You never

seen so many smiles in your life!  I once had a friend

who told me that you could not mess up peanut butter

and chocolate, that they make a perfect couple.  You

could say that they fellowship great together.

     I’ve always heard that fellowship was two people in

the same boat going in the same direction!  My husband

and I have been in the same boat for 31 years, and

are in fellowship.  It amazes me that we have managed

to stay in the same boat through good times and through

some rough times.  We’ve had our boat to be rocked a

few times over the years, but we’ve agreed to stay

in the boat and in fellowship!  

      Jesus said that if two or three come together in

agreement that he would be in their midst.  When you

come into agreement with someone and decide to fellowship

with them, it is a powerful connection!   If it is

just you and the Lord in your boat, would anything

 be  impossible?

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