It’s Time to Stop Living the Hamster Life!

It’s Time to Stop Living the Hamster Life!

Hamster in a wheel

Do you live your life as though you are a hamster? You know just running around in circles and never feeling as if you get anything accomplished.  The bad thing about a hamster’s life is that he or she doesn’t know all their running around in that hamster wheel is not getting them anywhere.  Many people live oblivious to that fact as well?  They keep doing the same old thing but yet expecting different results.

In the day that we live in with our lives so plugged into technology, I am really surprised that someone hasn’t created some kind of smart app that beeps or alarms to let us know “hey, you’ve gone around that same mountain a million times, don’t you think it’s time to change direction?”

Well I know I am just being silly, however, do you know that we do have a built in alarm? It’s called our conscience.  It’s the part of us that puts a huge check in our spirit every time we feel uncomfortable or are unhappy.  When the check comes we should pay attention to it and investigate the reason behind it. We should immediately question, why am I feeling this or that way over a situation?  Unfortunately, the alarms are going off all the time, but we’ve ignored them so long that they just seem like “white noise” or background noise.  Because we choose not to hear them, we continue to go in circles without our life’s purpose being fulfilled. Our lives then become stagnant and frankly pretty miserable.

The Lord has given us not only a conscience to help us, but He has given us the Holy Spirit that is our comforter, teacher and guide through life.  Many people choose to ignore Him as well, but He is trying to order their steps so that they will delight on their way!

Psalm 37:23 (KJV) 23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.

When the Israelites kept going around and around in the wilderness, it was because they refused to listen to direction.  God will give you plain direction if you will choose not to ignore Him and hear His voice today! His word, the Bible is His directions for us to have a wonderful life.   He is saying, “I have a good life filled with my goodness.  I will teach you how to walk it out, simply hear my voice and do what I say to do, and when I say to do it!”

John 10:27 (KJV) My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

I hope that this post is a LOUD alarm for you today!  Time to get off the wheel my friend and do something great and fulfilling!



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