Ready or Not, Here Comes Transformation!

Ready or Not, Here Comes  Transformation!


If you are reading this you would probably agree with me that life is all about change and transformation.  If you look at your life a year ago, compared to today, I am sure you can see some changes that have taken place. Some of the changes were probably welcomed, whereas others were not welcomed at all, but the change came nonetheless.

I know that what I am about to say is a cliche, but life truly is a journey.  It’s not a sprint but rather a marathon made up of experiences. How we deal or react to the experiences in life will determine how fast we are transformed.  This is only my opinion, but out of the sphere of people that I know and have observed, most people do not like change. However, I also feel there are three main types of people in my sphere of the world which I will define below! You may see yourself fitting into more than one of these categories.  I call the main three:  Resistant Changer, Casual Changer, and finally Speedster Changer!

1. Resistant Changer

The first type, again this is only my own observation, are the people who absolutely do not like change and are definitely not out looking to be transformed.  These types of people become very set in their way of doing things, and become very upset if anything or anyone tries to disturb the world that they have created for themselves.   Strong personalities are usually or often aggressive types because they want to be in charge of the situations.  They are driven when it comes to their careers, and often become CEO’s, Managers, bosses etc. on their jobs rather than having people over them telling them what they must do.   They sort of make their own rules up as they go in life.  They are aggressive toward circumstances of life, but are very hesitant to change unless forced to by those circumstances.

2. Casual Changer

Then there are the second types of people.  These are the down to earth types that want life to happen very casually around them.  They want to ebb through life while taking their time as they stroll through what life has to offer them.  These are the people who are content to have less if it means that they do not have to get out into the proverbial “rat race” of life. However, they almost always are the happiest of people, and really do not have “less” at all.  They just define what makes them happy and fill their lives with whatever that is. They are like the proverbial “tortoise” in the story of Brer Rabbit’s, The Tortoise and the Hare .  Slow and steady wins the race for them.  Their mindset and belief is that life truly is a marathon, so they just casually run their life’s race.  Their transformation happens very casually much like the eroding that a river does to its embankment.  After years of being rushed by the waters, the rough edges are all smoothed out.

3. Speedster Changer

Finally there are the Speedsters!  They are the other people who are totally on another page and seem to be extreme! These are those who try to do life in warp speed and desire dramatic transformation quickly.  They are like the “Hare” in the above mentioned story.  They are the “rat” leading the rat race. They become bored very easily and will fling themselves out into the world trying to make new things happen.   They are usually always the hyped up, glass full types of personalities that come into the office with dark strong espressos.   They welcome every opportunity with a can-do mindset.  They seem to be the fearless on the front lines.  They tend to throw caution to the wind and run in headlong.  They are the cheerleaders to others, as they try to convince the other types of Changers that their way is the only way to live!

You may be asking yourself, what is the point of all of this?  I believe it is important to know what type of personality we are, so that we can adjust ourselves to the mindset that we need in order for our transformations in life to come.  Again changes, whether good or bad, are always going to come if we are living and breathing.   How we react to it will determine how long it will take to make the transformation.  The encouragement comes when we realize if we are usually a certain type, with a certain mindset to change….we can always change our minds and see a faster or greater transformation!

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