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A Night to Remember, Yours Free

7 Nov

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Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

4 Nov

Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

Autumn Walk

Hello Friends, I know that this week I am changing it up a bit from my usual Video Blog If Oak Trees Could Talk.   The reason is simply because I  live in a virtual golden and russet forest this time of year and I love it! I’ve included a video of this rainy autumn morning in Georgia and I hope a little inspiration for you today!

It is a rainy Monday morning in Georgia as I am writing this! I simply love my times out on my front porch, in my wooded jungle of sorts, sipping my morning coffee and simply listening and watching as I spend time in His presence!

Autumn leaves are swirling around in the current of the wind until they slowly make their way to the ground! However, I’ve noticed one leaf this morning that seems to be rebellious, out into a current of its own, golden in color, swirling and dancing in the wind! It seemed that it too would hit the ground as it came swirling downward. Then suddenly it would catch another current and soar up into the air again! I couldn’t take my eyes off of that leaf until finally after what seemed like the longest while of it dancing and prancing through the air, it finally swirled down and around and around until it lay down so ever gently on the only bear place on the ground!

I thought how weird that leaf was but then I felt as though the Lord was speaking to me in what I had just witnessed. He has made us as unique as this beautiful swirling leaf. He has called us to come out from among the crowd and do something uniquely designed for us to do, that we alone have been created to do! What I thought was rebellion, was simply obedience, one seemingly out on its own dancing and catching the wind of His breath and Spirit as He directed the current! It was a precious moment for me this morning as I seem to struggle sometimes with the fact that I’m out here feeling very alone sometimes with my hopes and dreams. It’s not like I do not have supporters and those that cheer me or encourage me, but what the Lord puts in your heart of hearts sometimes seems allusive at times and the self-doubt as to whether you’re chasing a pipe dream kicks in!

Ah…… I breathe in a peaceful sigh as the Lord always sends the little assurances like only He can to encourage me! This morning was a great pick me up as I am soaring high under the power of His breath!

Thank you for spending this time with me! Be encouraged that you’re always under the watchful eye of the One who created you! Blessings to you my dear friends! As always I would love to hear from you! If you have recently began reading along or have found my video blogs and would want to hear more please Subscribe to my Youtube Video Blogs!

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

16 Jul

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Wow!  I am so overwhelmed with the response that I’ve been getting to my Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Truly it has been so encouraging to me.   Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow along!  I know that your time is valuable and the fact that you take the time to either listen or read along with me each week is so priceless to me.   As I’ve stated before I feel as though you could be sitting across from me at my kitchen table!  Once again I hope that you’re sipping your coffee or tea as I continue the story of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  We will continue in Chapter Four Daddy’s Little Girl! I will actually read the last paragraph from last week as I had ended in a middle of a conversation between Henry and Amelia.

Chapter Four

Daddy’s Little Girl!

“Daughter, when my time comes to leave this old earth, I want to be buried underneath those outstretched limbs that I remember so fondly. I want to be buried right beside my Dear Sweet Momma.  Do you understand me Amelia?  I want you to know also that as I remember bits and pieces of my life that I’ve been trying to write them down.  I know that it might sound crazy, but hey, I’ve been known to be a little crazy.  It’s ironic that I have what the doc calls “Amnesia that is making me even crazier huh. I guess the bright spot is that I don’t remember that I’m crazy most of the time” Henry said as he laughed out loud.

“Daddy, please don’t say stuff like that, you’re not crazy.  Your condition is only temporary.  I’m so glad that you’ve been able to talk with me today, it amazes me how there are times when nothing seems wrong at all, but then there are times, well…you know.”

“Daughter, do you know that I proposed to your sweet Momma right underneath that old tree?  Yep, I sure did!   I asked your Momma a hundred times to marry me, but she really never took me seriously until one evening when I told her that I had a big surprise for her.  I picked her up and asked her to please let me blind fold her.  She must have had quite a bit of trust in me because she let me do it!  Anyway, I blindfolded her and drove her around and around so that she wouldn’t know where we were.  When we stopped I lead her to the surprise.  I had a dinner prepared for us from Mrs. Dooley’s Restaurant. I put it all in a picnic basket, along with a lot of candles and a nice big blanket.  I had everything ready when I seated your dear Momma underneath that old Oak tree.  I had bought her the most expensive engagement ring that I could afford at the time and I prayed to the dear Lord that she would accept my proposal this time.  I wanted her to know without a doubt that she was the only woman for me.  Well, low and behold, when I took the blindfold off and she seen all that I had done for her, tears filled those brilliant blue eyes and she finally said yes!  We played the car radio until the battery went dead and danced underneath the starry sky until morning.  Here we are all these years later and I love her more today than I did back then!”

“Helen, honey, now pull you up a seat over there and quit coddling me.   Standing up over me like that must hurt your back!  It sure looks like a beautiful day, what do you want to do today?”

Before Amelia could answer Henry, there was a knock on the door.

“Excuse me, Ms. Amelia, but Mr. Tyler’s breakfast is here. He also needs his medicine as well” The nurse interrupted.  “Would you like to take him outside on the terrace? Maybe, Ms. Helen would like to go as well. She loves the gardens!” The nurse suggested with a wink.

“Yes Mam.”  Amelia said sadly.  For she really thought that today was going to be it.  Amelia knew that her Daddy was sick; however she never lost hope that one day as she visited him that he would just come to himself and never leave again.   She always believed that if there were anyone who ever came out of this dreadful captivity of the mind that it would be her Daddy.   She never knew anyone who was more passionate about life and living than her father was.

“He will come home to live again!” Amelia finally concluded.  “If anyone can beat this, it will be Daddy!”

“Do you want to go outside Daddy?  Come on let’s get you outside in that beautiful sunshine.”  Amelia cheered.  “The sunshine will do you some good!  How would you like to see Momma?”

“We can go outside if you want to Helen.  Why not?  All we do is stay inside these days.  It makes a body grow weary and it seems one day runs into another.”  Henry answered.

Amelia wheeled her Daddy down the hall to her mother’s room, where the nurse helped her get both of them outside into the beautiful sunshine.  She couldn’t help but notice that both of her parent’s heads were now much more gray and glistened in the brightness of the warm sun.  Amelia grieved the time that she felt her parents were losing.

Thank you so much for “tuning in” or reading along today! I hope that you will subscribe to my Youtube Channel as all of my videos are archived in order!

 It is my hope that you will keep the comments coming for not only are they encouraging me but I know that they are encouraging others who take the time to read them as well! 


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“Tune in” next week for Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Childhood Christmas Memories!

19 Dec

Childhood Christmas Memories!.

Childhood Christmas Memories!

19 Dec
My Old Home Place on our farm in Kentucky

My Old Home Place on our farm in Kentucky

Childhood Christmas Memories!

My Childhood Home in Lewis County, Kentucky

Looking back to when I was a young girl, I can now say that growing up on a farm in Kentucky was an awesome privilege! Yes we worked very hard, but we also were able to play hard as well.  We never had lots of money, but never went without!    I had two of the most dedicated and hard-working parents and five sisters! Dad worked from sun up until sundown either on the farm or in construction building many roads in the tri-state area! Mom worked as hard if not harder at times! My mother was an awesome cook!  She could cook a meal faster than anyone I know even to this day that was mouth-watering delicious! She was also a seamstress, although she would never call herself one!  She made clothing for her daughters, our neighbors and cousins.  She also made handmade quilts and even designed curtains and bedspreads, but she would simply say that she was someone who tried to sew!  Mom could look at something and make it, her talent was amazing.   I also had wonderful Grandparents, many Aunts and Uncles, and cousins that lived close to us, so of course we visited one another’s homes often!   Life was wonderful and honestly, it was always exciting!  We could always find something to do, we were never bored!

As I reminisce my childhood, I wanted to focus on Christmas as we are presently in the wonderful Christmas Season!  As stated before we grew up on a farm where we raised tobacco, which was one of the main cash crops for Kentucky or at least the part of Kentucky where I grew up.   We not only raised or grew tobacco on our farm, but my Dad would lease other tobacco fields so that we raised huge crops every year.  It was back-breaking work because in order to grow a crop of tobacco it was practically a yearlong job.  Everyone in the family had to do their part, yes even me as I was the baby of the family!   However, at the end of the year, once the crop was sold the rewards of taking the tobacco to the warehouses to be sold were so exciting as it was usually always around Christmas time!    My Dad was a generous man, and he always paid his workers well, yes even his Daughters!  He would give every one of us girls a pretty hefty amount or at least it seemed it was for that period of time.  We were bright-eyed as he sat at the kitchen table and counted stacks of money.  We waited in anticipation to see what we would receive out of that wonderful stack!  Dad and my Mom would smile with great pleasure as he handed each of us our amount!  We beamed with joy as we reached out our hands to receive the fruits of our hard-earned labor!

I am always amazed as I look back at how such a small amount compared to today’s monies   went so very far!  It was always enough and then some! I was always able to buy everyone in my family something and still manage to have change left for me to put in my little change purse until I could get to our little general store down the road to buy penny candy! As a family, we had the best time going Christmas shopping as normally we only went to a big Department store in a city a couple of times a year.  We went once in the fall to buy shoes, coats, and school supplies and fabric as Mom made most of our school clothes!  Then of course, we went at Christmas time!  We had a department store that has long since gone out of business in our neck of the woods, called Harts!  We would all pile in the car for the long ride to travel across the Ohio River to Portsmouth, Ohio. It usually took about an hour and a half but for me it seemed like a longer journey! Once we arrived at Harts Department Store, we usually paired off, an older sister with a younger one and were turned loose to shop the store!  The excitement of having money to buy everyone a gift in the family was above measure!  It was even more fun as we had to try to avoid running into one another in the store to keep our gifts our secret finds!  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my family all back in that department store one more time!  It was a precious time and I was so very blessed to have been a part of such a loving family!

Good memories are such blessings from the Lord.  I try to recall the sentiments behind those wonderful memories as I want to pass on great memories to my own children for Christmas.  My hope for them is that in the future when they celebrate Christmas with my grandchildren or even great-grandchildren that they too will have touching Christmas memories that they can value and share! I hope that you will have the same!

Merry Christmas from my home which is now in Douglasville, Georgia to yours wherever you may be! May you have a wonderful joy filled Season of Celebrating and creating life long memories!

Treasure on the Inside!

5 Nov

Treasure on the Inside!.

Treasure on the Inside!

5 Nov

Treasure on the Inside!

Nativity window

I know that sometimes changing things up a bit is not always easy for people to accept, however I feel that it is change that makes life so interesting! Because I feel this way, for this week’s blog and with Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, I decided to post something a little different!  I hope that you will enjoy it!  Yeah, well I could already hear in my hearing someone stating that “Thanksgiving has not come yet, and here is this lady writing about Christmas!”  I know that this post is about Christmas, but it is really not just about Christmas, but it is about every season in our lives!  If you read my blog last week, then you know that I wrote of Thanksgiving!   Also I decided to post my Nativity picture because it represented some of the change that I so frequently blog about.  The painting is an old antique window that I painted a few years back. It might not be that great, but it was a time of stretching or change for me.  I had never attempted to paint faces before and because of that I am pleased with it!


Treasure on the Inside!

To look on my outward appearance

You may not be impressed,

There may not be much beauty, poise,

or gracefulness.

But take another look, please, look

deep and look wide,

For what I may lack on the outward

is hidden treasure  inside.


No longer hidden though

is my greatest heart’s desire,

I want to live from the inside

out for others to admire.

For inside this vessel a living treasure

Not acquired by myself,

But hidden on the inside is a kingdom

of infinite wealth!


A priestly King from Heaven, a Holy seed

Born through virgin loins,

To demonstrate the Father’s love

That many children could be born.

A holy child given unto the world on a starry Christmas night

Hark the herald angels sing praise in abiding shepherd’s hearing

A Heavenly Father’s greatest present freely was in sight

A celebration in my heart as I counted his gift so endearing


I accepted his sacrifice of the punishment meant for me

A kingdom that was purchased not with sweat on brawl

Jesus now my savior that was hung upon a tree

By the shedding of Holy blood no other was endowed.

The Father’s holy gift is still being offered in each and every season

As a precious treasure for all to freely accept and to receive

His heart was to love you; His gift is for this reason

His invitation to be a member of his family for those who will simply believe!



My Four Books being advertised on Lakeview Times!

5 Nov

My Four Books being advertised on Lakeview Times!.


My Four Books being advertised on Lakeview Times!

5 Nov


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