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New Promotion for my book “Tell the Enemy to Scat!”

10 Oct

Hey Everyone, Amazon is running a $.99 Promotion on  my  book “Tell the Enemy to Scat!” For Kindle or your PC or other reader!

Tell the Enemy to Scat is a compelling victorious true story of a couple’s twenty year journey of faith to receive their promise that they would have children. Go down faith’s road with Christine as she opens up her heart to share her most intimate struggles, discouragements, disappointments, griefs and finally triumph as she battles against a true enemy of her soul and wins. Smile with her as she shares how God used the smallest things to encourage her and let her know that he heard her hearts cry for children. Rejoice with this couple as they cradle their children in their arms and give their Heavenly Father all glory!

My New Paperback Book

My New Paperback Book



Life’s little Rewards!

20 Feb

Life’s little Rewards!.

“Tell the Enemy to Scat!”

12 Jul

“Tell the Enemy to Scat!”.

“Tell the Enemy to Scat!”

12 Jul

Check out my new book Tell the Enemy to Scat.  This is a true story of how my husband and I were married for 20 years until we finally had our first child.  After receiving a promise from the Lord that we would have children, we assumed we would have them right away, but that was not to be and after much struggle and heartaches our promise of having children finally arrived, but again it was 20 years later!

My true story of finally having children after my husband and I were married for twenty years!

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